Apertura del Aconcagua: anuncian más servicios, tarifas y se agregan días para el pernocte

The government of Mendoza reported that the news that the Aconcagua will have is clear with regard to Decree 1433/20 since it defines, in addition to the rates, the activities that will be enabled and those that will not, in the same way.

  • From December 1 of this year, entry to the Protected Natural Area “Aconcagua Provincial Park” will be at a fixed rate depending on the category and activity to be carried out. (See rate chart at the end of the note).

    There will be no ascent, short trek, long trek or risk activities, such as the ascent of the south wall, in the 2020/2021 season.

    To promote activities of a tourist nature, a 25% discount will be made on the rates of the activities named: ascent, short trekking, long trekking and risk activities in the next season 2021/2022, until April 30, 2021.

    Through the official website of the Ministry of the Environment The “Turnero” will be enabled that the visitor must complete, with the aim of keeping an orderly entrance and fundamentally to respect social distancing within the Park.

    The entrance to the Park will have a capacity of 420 people per day to guarantee social distancing, according to sanitary protocols.

    Tent camping will be enabled as of December 1 of this year for cohabiting groups or individually in case of not being cohabiting, for 2 (two) nights only at Confluencia.

    Providers may provide services to tourists such as horseback riding during the day to expand the tourist offer.

    Any visitor who enters the Park, to take care of nature, will be asked to clean the place by returning to their homes with the waste they may generate and it is strictly forbidden to light a fire within the Natural Reserve.

New trails and attractions

The great novelty for this season and in order to improve the experience of visitors, are the trails of the Quebrada Benjamín Matienzo, annexed to the Provincial Park by Law, in December 2019, this has an area classified as a Natural Recreational Reserve where You can enjoy walks in an environment that protects more than 100 species of native fauna including birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Equipment and clothing

For visits to Laguna de Horcones and short trekking, bring mountain clothing, shoes with thick soles, sunscreen -factor 65-, hat, sunglasses.
sun and plenty of water to constantly hydrate.

Each visitor plays a decisive role in the conservation of the site and their correct behavior will allow others to also enjoy all the natural charms of the place.


Ride only on the marked and enabled trails. It is forbidden to deviate or leave them.
It is not allowed to light fires, extract vegetation, firewood, fossils or rocks from the area.
The waste must be lowered to their homes.
Do not eat food outside the areas set up for this purpose.
Entry with animals is prohibited.
Take care of the flora and fauna of the place.
In no case is entry with weapons allowed.
Please inform the Park Ranger if you observe improper practices within the reserve.
The corresponding sanitary protocols indicated by the personnel of each Natural Reserve must be complied with, with the corresponding social distancing, and camping or picnics within protected natural areas are prohibited.

Rates 2020/2021

The entry fee from December 1 for the Laguna de Los Horcones (Circuito Lagunero) is set at:

Foreign Category: $ 600
Latin American Category: $ 400
National Category: $ 300
Mendocino Category: $ 150

The entry fee from December 1 for the Daily Trekking activity to Confluencia or Quebrada Matienzo, is set at:

Foreign Category: $ 2500
Latin American Category: $ 2000
National Category: $ 600
Mendocino Category: $ 300

For more information, access the Website of the Secretary of the Environment

Source: original note Mendoza.gov.ar